[PD] flext (or lack of it) update..

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Mar 10 21:32:06 CET 2004

chris tyrrell hat gesagt: // chris tyrrell wrote:

> so i suppose this mostly goes out to mr. grill,
> well anyway i have sort of figured out the command
> line aspects of pd but i still havent compiled flext,
> basically i just wanted to know what you mean by "edit
> config-pd-bcc.txt, run build-pd-bcc.bat", like i
> understand the whole running the .bat but what is the
> relavence of the text file? does it provide
> information for the compiling process, also im not
> 100% sure how to edit it, obviously i have to change
> the configuration to suit my computer but im not sure
> about the syntax

All you need to know about the syntax is, that everything after a #
is ignored, and you are not supposed to change the caps words like 
PDPATH or BCCPATH. *But* you are supposed to change the things after
the equal sign =. An example:

The standard file contains this line: 


This specifies, where the Borland C compiler is installed. The
location in the file probably is the one, Thomas is using: 

But if you installed BCC to another directory, you need to name it
here. So if your BCC is in "c:\Program Files\bcc", just change that
line and mark it with "" if it contains spaces: 

BCCPATH="c:\Program Files\bcc"

"And that, as they say, is that."

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