[PD] Re: [PD-announce] William Fields - Live at Open Source - Philadelphia, PA

Ales Zemene ales at mur.at
Wed Mar 10 21:55:09 CET 2004

wicked! f*****g cool! and it sounds very optimistic, and still you can kinda
recognize "made on Pd", i really like it. please connect to our next liveo pd
session on radio helsinki. and anyboby interested to jam over network too.
next session should be 23.March 10pm austrian time. details :


Quoting William Fields <bill at teamtechno.com>:

> Here's a live recording of my set at Open Source, an "open-mic" laptop 
> music event in Philadelphia.  I'm using a custom performance sequencer 
> written in pd, which I am controlling with a MIDI knob-box.  The 
> sequencer is sending MIDI note and controller data to a software 
> sampler/vst host which is actually generating the audio.
> Thanks for listening.  Any feedback is appreciated.
> -Bill
> http://www.williamfields.com/
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