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m m.ash at gmx.at
Wed Mar 10 21:51:28 CET 2004

as you already mentioned there are some live linux cds around including pd (but as far as I remember 
withoud pdp, pidip... ) like dynebolic, unofficial demudi live cds ..

very pdknoppix happens to be a year old now and somehow basic and preliminary of course, 
anyway I would still like the idea of a plain pd+and-most-important-tools-live-cd-fitting-on-a-mini-cd-idea
 (although i do not have the personal use of it myself at the moment) maybe there it is time to do a quick remaster or join some effort here.. what kind of things/tools are you missing in this kind of basic and (somehow) limited setup to continue the mission.?

derek holzer <derek at x-i.net> wrote [Wed, 10 Mar 2004 12:12:14 +0100]:

> Last week I accidentally Googled up a Knoppix-based live CD intended for 
> Pure Data usage! Recalling the discussion we had a while back about 
> "executables" and so on, I thought it would be interesting to post it 
> here. Apologies if the original creator of this disk has already brought 
> it to your attention:
> http://stream.sil.at/pdknoppix/
> This disk boots fine on my PC laptop, but I find a few things missing: 
> Jack, PDP and PiDiP to name a few. Maybe if "eof" would like to get in 
> touch, the mission could be continued?
> Did I mention that, at 202 Mb, you can fit it on a mini-CD? How horribly 
> cute! ;-)
> best,
> D.
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