[PD] Still with the GEM!

thewade pdman at aproximation.org
Thu Mar 11 01:03:36 CET 2004

IOhannes hast gesagt
> hmm.
> sorry for not answering any sooner.

No problem, thanks for the help, though this will confuse you...

> glut is not openGL (but depends on it); you don\'t really need glut for 
> getting Gem to run (unless you are in desparate need for the [teapot])

I know that their different packages, but I figured that sence glut runs on GL that glut would install GL as well... Bad assumption. It turns out that xfree86 comes with its own gl drivers. Perhaps I overwrote or failed to verwrite these drivers.

> personally i am using the debian-packages to install xlibmesa3-gl 
> xlibmesa-gl-dev (and *-glu*).

Supposedly I have Mesa 6.0 built and installed as per the install readme that comes with mesa. This makes a libOSMesa.so, but no libMesaGL.so. Ive tried ln to make a soft link from libMesaGL to libOSMesa to no avail. Im using fedora core 1.9 (2) and linux 2.6.3 general kernel I guess (i got it form kernel.org), on a ati rage 128 using dell inspiron 8000 laptop, with a hammerfall dsp multiface pcmcia card that doesnt work with pd for some reason. Im generally building stuff from scratch, but sometimes I use synaptic (no Mesa libraries there though... Planet ccrma with apt)

> so let us start from scratch

Yes, thank you!

> simply do \"export LIBS=-L/path/to/my/libraries/that/cannot/be/found\"
> prior to running configure.
> \"export\" is bash-specific, you might have to use something different for 
> your shell.

configure still dies...

> thus the following file \"gltest.c\" compile on your system
> <code>
> char glInitNames();
> int main() {
>  glInitNames();
>  return 0;
> }
> </code>
> compile it with \"gcc gltest.c -lGL\"

This compiles to a.out with no complaint! How come this file compiles, but the configure script dies?

> eventually, try to install the libraries to some place that is searched 
> for sure (e.g. /usr/local/lib/),
> either with a \"make install\" (if this works) or by soft-linking the *.so 
> files there.

This is where they are!
libGL.so and libOSMesa.so

> hope this will help a bit.

It does! Thank you so much!
Dont give up yet though...
Is there some way to verify that the configure script is doing the right thing?


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