[PD] Binaural processing

Stefan Turner stefan_turner at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Mar 11 13:07:14 CET 2004

Hey everyone. This is my first post and I'm still not
too experienced with PD, so go easy!

I have to do a large software project at university
next year, and I thought this might be a good excuse
to code something for PD. I want to make an object
which takes a multichannel sound, together with
binaural data such as HRTFs, 'room' attributes,
physical location of sound signals within the 'room',
etc, and outputs a binaural signal.

My question is whether it has already been done
before, because if it has I would rather use the
existing object and try something else. I have heard
of spat~, which seems to be Max-only and not free, and
rvbap, which doesn't do binaural processing.

Thanks for any help.


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