[PD] PD Knoppix --> APODIO Mandrake

juto aviten periclite at free.fr
Thu Mar 11 14:26:50 CET 2004

derek holzer wrote:

> Hello Juto,
> juto aviten wrote:
>> Hi Friends,
>> About this subject of Live CD bootable, APO33 : http://www.apo33.org 
>> http://www.apo33.org/raccorps http://radio.apo33.org are developping 
>> a crazy live audio cd bootable based on mandrake 9.2 (soon X)
> Since the basis of this is Mandrake, would it be possible to make a 
> PPC version of the disk as well? I think that would set your project 
> head and shoulders above the *several* other audio live CDs which 
> exist on for PC architecture.
> d.
I have some mac under mandrake 9.1, but mandrake didn't update to 9.2 
and the ftp for urpmi are not well set up and there's a lot of problems 
to download and install most of this softs. But if you're interested we 
could work on this issue!
I was a mac user for years and now I feel like a PC user definetly!!! 
But I know there's a lot of musicians to convert !! hard job when you 
know they paid their powerbookG4 2500 or 4500 euros!!


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