[PD] Interpolation

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Fri Mar 12 21:51:58 CET 2004

Josh Steiner hat gesagt: // Josh Steiner wrote:

> I have a question about interpolation, as in [tabread4~] vs. [tabread~] 
> ... my performance environment often has like 20-40 samplers playing 
> simultaneously and its really beggining to bog down my cpu to the poitn 
> where i'm getting dropouts, so i'm looking for ways of optimizing my 
> patches.  i'm using tabread4~'s in it because i though this is more 
> "correct" but i really dont know much about it.  how much does it really 
> affect the sound if i am just using it as a simple sampler?  how much 
> effeiciency gain can i expect from using non interpolated tabread?

Why not just try it? 

If you don't resample your samples, i.e. play everything at the
same, natural speed, you won't get any artivacts at all when using
tabread, as you don't need to interpolate at all. 

But if you play your samples faster or slower, 4-point interpolation
has advantages. I don't have any reference material at hand ATM, about
how much the introduced noise will be, but I know, that it's discussed
in the Dodge/Jerse "Computer Music" book. So if you can find that...

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