[PD] Live motion tracking using pd / gem / GridFlow / PiDiP

Max Neupert max at revolwear.com
Sat Mar 13 02:29:36 CET 2004

Hi list,

I am working on a project where I want to confront the observer with a
projection that changes according to his/her position, thus eliminating the
effects of perspective.


The part with the distortion of the image is already done, so what is left
is the live video tracking (positioning) of the spectator. I want to extract
from a video feed (firewire NTSC cam) the position in coordinates X,Y.

This is promised to be done by the gem object pix_movement
like suggested in

So I tried that, the problem is that the object just understands the RGB
colorspace, converting the YUV camera stream first seems quite a processing
task for the computer.

I succeded in creating a gem patch according to the tutorial patch which
does something, but there is no working tracking
(see attached patch)

Installing PDP & PiDiP did not lead to a big success either because of a
knowledge-lack on my side as well as few documentation and poor performance
on OSX.
The links in this suggestion are broken.

Has anybody experiences with motion tracking in pure data using whatever

I would like to put a helpful page online with my experience as soon as I
get it working.

Also I'll be on Saturday at the user group meeting at the SAT.


Max Neupert


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