[PD] Still with the GEM!

thewade pdman at aproximation.org
Sat Mar 13 19:30:19 CET 2004

Hello all,

For the latest installment of configure errors apparently only I am having with cvs Gem, and Fedore Core 2 (1.9), and linux 2.6.3

If indeed the error is in usr/lib/libc_nonshared.a, then here are some possabilities for why. I dont know enough about compiling on linux to recognize the culprit...

One possability:

Im going to try to update my glibc to see if that fixes the problem.

On the up-note, I got my hammerfall multiface working with linux 2.6.3. It turned out to be a broblem on my part. Once I learned that there was a special firmware loader AND a special mixer for this card it all became easy. I have to use jack for pd and oss emulation for xmms as direct alsa usage seems prohibited by error.
Thanks to all thoes who helped! Like Frank Barknecht for example!

Thanks all,

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