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derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Sun Mar 14 18:45:39 CET 2004

I agree that a piece of god Linux audio propaganda is necessary for PPC 

In a previous post on this thread, I mentioned a few live CDs for PPC. 
Two are versions of Knoppix, and then of course there are the Gentoo 
live CDs used for installing. All of them are *not* specialized for 
audio, but a clever person might be able to remaster them. In another 
post on this thread, I asked the folks making the Mandrake live PD CD if 
they had plans to make a PPC version, as Mandrake has packages available 
for PPC architecture. Check the archive of the last week for details.


Matthew Nish-Lapidus wrote:
> Is there something like this available for Mac/PPC...  I have a 
> powerbook but would love to try out PD on Linux to see what the 
> performance difference is like.

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