[PD] uPDated gets Impd (OSX)

James Tittle II tigital at mac.com
Tue Mar 16 02:11:04 CET 2004


On Mar 15, 2004, at 2:36 PM, 0001 wrote:

> ok.
> my current projects about it  include:
> 	- getting tcl / tk inside the bundle

...this is kinda possible, but probably not in the way you're 
thinking...you have to make wish.app think it's something else, and I 
don't think that's necessarily very good anyway (kinda defeats the 
original idea of frameworks and dynamic libraries)...

> 	- putting  all the available externals and libraries inside

...I was recently trying uPDated.app out, and I found some issues;  
basically, it kind of defeats the purpose to include 
help/example/tutorial patches within an application bundle, because 
they aren't accessible in the navigation dialog window browser...

> 	- packing it with any licenses, copyright notices and due credit for 
> all authors
> 	- making several versions: one minimal (pd only, faster download) and 
> one with everything available, compiled for g3 and g4

...there are sooo many possibilities with this one:  "official", "cvs", 
"Impd-ized", "tcl/tk8.4", "tcl/tk8.5"...not to mention the 
possibilities for adding externals and such...in other words, I don't 
think it's realistic to expect a "one-size-fits-all" version...

> 	- writing some documentation for self-service management of the 
> bundle contents
> any ideas?
> what are you planning?

...well, I really think that whatever happens, if you're going to try 
to create a one-click application, you have to initially present an 
input line for flag customization...I've got code that does this, but 
haven't taken the time to squash the bug that crashes pd if you don't 
input a flag...

> I personaly would like to eliminate the need of an installer, but I 
> don't know it is possible with the same level of functionality of your 
> current packages.

...yeh, I recently got back from a workshop at apple, and they are 
really pushing the "drag and drop install" paradigm with games, and I 
think that it could work to a certain extent for pure-data...but 
ultimately I really think there needs to be something like ~/Library/pd 
to hold externals and patches and stuff...

...anyway, good direction, I really like the icon:  I just hope we can 
avoid some balkanization...


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