[PD] uPDated gets Impd (OSX)

0001 0001 at ooo000ooo.org
Tue Mar 16 03:02:28 CET 2004

> ...I was recently trying uPDated.app out, and I found some issues;  
> basically, it kind of defeats the purpose to include 
> help/example/tutorial patches within an application bundle, because 
> they aren't accessible in the navigation dialog window browser...
maybe modifying pd.tk you can point your menu to a folder inside the 

> ...there are sooo many possibilities with this one:  "official", 
> "cvs", "Impd-ized", "tcl/tk8.4", "tcl/tk8.5"...not to mention the 
> possibilities for adding externals and such...in other words, I don't 
> think it's realistic to expect a "one-size-fits-all" version...
the point is that it should be easy to manage for your own, adding and 
removing binnaries.

>  you have to initially present an input line for flag customization...
this can be done in the "script " file



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