[PD] PD and externals, questions and compressions

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Tue Mar 16 09:49:35 CET 2004

thewade hat gesagt: // thewade wrote:

> One: What dictates which externels get included in the pd OFFICAL
> release? For example pd has netsend and netrecieve, but I saw that
> somebody said that OSC is used for that as well; who decides when
> OSC does this better than netsend and netrecieve? I have no idea of
> what OSC is, im just using that as an example.

netsend/netreceive aren't really externals, they are internals
because they are compiled into your pd executeably right from the

Miller decides, what becomes an internal in Pd. 

There is not much advantage in having lots of externals in Pd this
way. For example, OSC had some small bugs (like "the negative float
bug") that were possible to fix really fast in the Pd cvs. There is be
no waiting time until there would be if OSC was in an official Pd

However I still do think, that in this specific case OSC should in the
end be an internal part of main Pd, because OSC is such an important
protocol for network communication between apps.

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