[PD] arbitrary-length fast breakpoint envelope patch

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Tue Mar 16 09:59:08 CET 2004

John Lamb hat gesagt: // John Lamb wrote:

> Hey everyone, I'm scratching my itch with this tool I am building here, 
> pretty well described in the title.  I would like for anyone who feels 
> so inclined to give it a test.  Please tell me of any obvious mistakes I 
> am making, and also if anyone has tips on making it more generalizable 
> (i.e. being able to load more than one at a time without array name 
> conflicts) please let me hear them.

For localized arrays use a table object like this: 
[table $0-tablename]
If you want to see what's inside, play with the graph-on-parent
feature of tables. Another approach with using arrays is to rename
them to something $0-ish. Like:
 [f $0]
 [; array-1000 rename $1-tablename(

Works only one time. ;)

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