[PD] Portaudio not working on WinXP with Echo Mona Laptop

acabrera at teleset.com.co acabrera at teleset.com.co
Tue Mar 16 14:25:01 CET 2004

Hi all,

>I'm pretty new to pure data, and when selecting the ASIO (portaudio) option in 
>the Media menu, Pure Data crashes with the following error:

I'm answering myself because I found a solution to my problem. The problem is 
solved by using the -asio flag in the pd bat file. i.e. Selecting from the menu 
causes a crash, but if the -asio flag is used, no problem! I guess it has to do 
with the driver (not the asio part) being used by pure data while attempting to 
load the ASIo driver. A similar thing happens in CsoundAV when I try to use 
ASIO and some other program like itunes or WMP is using the card.


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