[PD] uPDated gets Impd (OSX)

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Tue Mar 16 15:29:06 CET 2004

On Tuesday, Mar 16, 2004, at 02:46 America/New_York, 0001 wrote:

>> Here's something of a howto:
>> http://www.ling.lu.se/persons/Johan/tcl/
> that looks promising
>> That can be easily fixed by specifying the path in the Makefile var 
>> "INSTALL_PREFIX".  But this again makes a fixed location, so 
>> drag-n-drop installation would only work for one folder path, unless 
>> there is a way to use relative paths.  I haven't tried that.
> I think it's possible, but I'd love the possibility to throw new 
> binaries inside as they are published

I think that ~/Library/Pd and /Library/Pd would serve that purpose 
well.  Then when the next 'official' release come out, you can replace 
/Applications/Pd.app with the one you download, and your own binaries 
will still be in ~/Library/Pd.

>> I would really like to be able to compile optimized versions.  This 
>> would entail coming up with a standard scheme for all externals, etc. 
>> to use for optimization.
> well, meanwhile we can try to automate the process somehow ...

Indeed, some optimization is better than none.  Currently, the 
optimization stuff is quite scattered, most stuff has none, a few 
externals have some, and a couple have a lot.

>> I think that ~/Library/pd would be a good place for people to add the 
>> stuff they download later, but I think that all of Pd should be in 
>> one folder, /Applications/Pure Data.app for example, so that it can 
>> be dragged-n-dropped if need be.  The installer is necessary to 
>> provide the UNIX/command line functionality, i.e. typing "pd" on the 
>> command line to launch, or using pdsend and pdreceive from the 
>> command line.
> agreed. what about the .pd documents ?  how do you associate them to 
> the application and icon

I don't remember off hand how I did this, but the double-clicker  app 
wrapper that's in the current installer does this.  I think its done 
with Pd.app/Content/Info.plist.


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