[PD] audio-clicks with loading samples

Peter Lundén plu at tii.se
Tue Mar 16 17:57:40 CET 2004

Hi all

This is a realy an anoying problem that makes it impossible to dynamicly 
loading soundfile in PD. I would be realy happy if its solve. I guess 
this is due to the fact that PD is not multi threaded.

I use to solve the problem by preloading all soundfiles that is needed. 
This will eat a lot of memory and in the worst case you will get 
swapping problems instead.


Georg Holzmann wrote:

>1) If I load an audio-file in an array I get audio tropouts. So my question,
>is there an external that I can load the sample slower and get no tropouts?
>Else I'll try to write one. 

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