[PD] [ot] linux dual head graphic card

marius schebella marius.schebella at chello.at
Wed Mar 17 13:54:49 CET 2004

hi list,

I remember reading about dual monitors with Gem. I have no experience with
those cards, so maybe someone can help me with choosing the right hardware.
1) I need to have analogue output on both outlets (need to connect 2 vga
2) should be well supported by linux (easy to install...)
3) for Gem/OpenGL rendering
At the moment I am using a ATI Radeon 9200SE, which I took because of its
passive cooler, but it was not possible to drive the opengl hardware
acceleration with that card...

And an extra exercise for special forces: how many fps can I expect with
800*600, 1024*800, 1280*1024 rendering?


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