[PD] Gem PD 3.7.1 unstable win 2k

beau beau25 at access4less.net
Wed Mar 17 18:06:45 CET 2004

I have been having problems with GEM and PD 3.7.1 under win2k.  The program
crashes, usually after I stop rendering destroy the gem window, create it
again and then start rendering.  The program is almost entirely unuseable
unless I turn off antivirus protection and firewall.  Some times when I try
to close the Gem window via the task manager it says it is going through the
debugger.  I have used several different builds of GEM and pd 3.7.0 then
3.7.1.  Does anyone know of a stable build for win2k?  It all worked so well
under win98se, but I guess things are a little different with NT

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