[PD] pd watchdog/ non-root realtime priority?

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Thu Mar 18 12:11:54 CET 2004

Maybe someone can open up one of the deep PD-Linux mysteries for me...

What is PD watchdog, and how can I get him to stop barking?

I understand that, when running PD in realtime/root mode, you have 
higher priority in the system, and that this priority is enough to slow 
or even stop other processes when PD uses too much resource. I imagine 
"pd watchdog" is a systems monitor who barks when PD uses too much CPU. 
However, running rt/root, it seems he *always* barks at me, even when 
using only 50% CPU. The barking isn't so bad, but the sluggish response 
time of the computer and espc the GUI is!

In short, root/realtime mode is just too piggish sometimes.

I know that with Jack, there is a way to do non-root realtime priority 
by making a "capabilities" patch to the kernel. Does something similar 
exist for PD? And if so, would non-root realtime priority be "safer", 
and thus shut the dogs up, and keep a responsive computer?


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