[PD] pd watchdog/ non-root realtime priority?

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Thu Mar 18 12:51:52 CET 2004

derek holzer hat gesagt: // derek holzer wrote:

> Answering my own posts again... isn't it lovely to see someone else's 
> thought processes in motion? ;-)
> Anyway... I thought I remembered some discussion a while back on this 
> topic, so an archive-hunt turned up a source patch for PD. I'll try this 
> later, but can I ask Guenter.... did this not make it into CVS or normal 
> PD 0.37.1 release?

It's in the latest MSP Pd, slightly modified, but works here. In
general,  would not run pd as root, but I have it "chmod +s" on my
boxes. That way, Pd can drop root privileges after it got itself the
realtime scheduling stuff done. This is more secure in the end than
running as root (which cannot be "dropped"). You can restrict access
to pd by using the group permissions.

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