[PD] looping sampler problem

john saylor js at wave.dnsalias.org
Thu Mar 18 16:47:12 CET 2004


i've copied the example from 28.sampler.loop.pd from 3.audio.examples in the 
0.37.0 release for windows [xp]. i'm using a different source file. i can see
the wave from in the array box. and i get sound out, but it's all the nice
crunchy modified stuff.

but what i want is to loop the original- so it sounds somewhat like the original.

the sampling rate is 22050 Hz [instead of 44100], 1 channel, 16 bit. can
anyone point me toward what i need to do? what knobs i need to tweak?


\js  [ .  .    .        ]

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