[PD] looping sampler problem

Matthew Allen matthew at lith.com
Thu Mar 18 19:01:14 CET 2004

A bit more on how your sample is being mangeled might help (to fast, completely unrecognizable, tiny snippets of my sound). Does other sounds in pd sound crunchy?

but off the top of my head, you will need to change the the speed of the phasor being used for the look up table. Also, remeber in that example the sample is looping just the chunk size, you could easily make that example loop the entire sample by running the samples size (output from the bottom of your soundfiler, if you are using that) into the *~ 0 box's right inlet (this will set the loop size to the entire sample).

hope this helps, its the best I can do without a working PD in front of me :)


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i've copied the example from 28.sampler.loop.pd from 3.audio.examples in the 
0.37.0 release for windows [xp]. i'm using a different source file. i can see
the wave from in the array box. and i get sound out, but it's all the nice
crunchy modified stuff.

but what i want is to loop the original- so it sounds somewhat like the original.

the sampling rate is 22050 Hz [instead of 44100], 1 channel, 16 bit. can
anyone point me toward what i need to do? what knobs i need to tweak?


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