[PD] newbie Max/MSP conversion questions

Jer Welter mrjester at fledge.watson.org
Thu Mar 18 19:23:16 CET 2004

Hi All -

I've been using Max/MSP for many years (probably know some of you from
that list) but am just looking into PD.  I've got the most recent (October
'03) pd-extended, including the cyclone (which is a great idea for us
platform vagrants).

I hope someone who has been down this road before might be able to answer
some Max/MSP-centric questions about PD....  I imagine most if not all
have been covered before, but searches of the list archives aren't getting
me quick answers to what are probably quickly answerable questions, so
please bear with me ;)

a) Between the cyclone and native PD, I can handle most of the needs of my
patches, but I am wondering if there are objects that behave similarly to
the following Max/MSP objs:

- poly~ (and its friends/helpers)
- filein
- serial
- vexpr

b) Also, I take it that there is no concept of "overdrive" in PD, and
hence no need for objects like "defer".  Is this correct?

c) aside from the contents of the extras folder, are there other objects
included with pd-extended, and if so where do I find them (and
non-help-patch documentation on them, if available)?

d) have the McCartney ListOps been ported to PD?  If so, where do I get
them?  How about atoi/itoa?

e) any other "gotchas" (aside from time-of-instantiation vs right-to-left
for message order disambiguation) that a Maxer coming to PD might

The documentation has thus far been quite helpful, but hoping for a bit of
a leg up.

Thanks, and sorry for wasted bandwidth...


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