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You may want to look at creating a .pdrc. This is a file that lives in your home directory, and every time pd is run it will look at the .pdrc for all of its start up options.

If you do a search of the list archives for .pdrc you will get a bunch of peoples .pdrc's

To execute your Pd.command change to its directory in a terminal and type ./Pd.command. I could go into the hows and why of this, but it would be a long mail, you could google.com/linux on shell scripting and paths. However! i wouldnt do it this way. I would just open a terminal and type pd after you have created your .pdrc. 

My .pdrc looks like this (roughly, i am at work):

-inchannels 4
-outchannels 2
-path /usr/lib/pd/extra
-lib zexy
-lib xsample
-lib iem_t3_lib
-lib <insert library here>

	If you do a pd -help from a console you will get a great list of all of the flags you can set. make sure your externals all located in a -path directory or else pd will not know about them.


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My Pd.command File has this in it so far

/usr/local/bin/pd -rt 

Im not quite sure how to edit it and still have it be able to execute. I can open it in Textedit, but when i click to run it, i get an error.

Im not sure how to run the pd.command from a terminal. I opened a terminal window and clicked Run command, and typed in Pd, Pd.command, it didnt work. 

I found the directory my .darwin files are in (I assume those are the library's)
/usr/local/lib/pd/extras/ (Thats where xsample.pd.darwin is) And /usr/local/lib/pd/PeRColate/

Im new to unix and this whole thing. On my pc, i could edit batch files like patches, edit them and resave them. But it wont let me do that with my command file.

Thanks- AP

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