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Thanks for the leghty response, but im acutally using OSX. Creating batch files, or command? files in OSX is different than in windows because when i rename the command file, it loses its "executable" qualities? It gives me errors when i double click it. Thanks


don't let them funny *nix folks get you all mixed up! To my knowledge, a 
pdrc is a useless file in windoze because you don't have a "home" 
directory. At least not in the Unix world-concept.

For your needs, it is best to take Florian's advice a post or two back 
in the thread and put everything together in your pd.bat file. I reprint 
his post below:

> never properly having worked with dos commands before i used pd, i had lots
of trouble loading externals when i first started. i suggest you might do as
IOhannes said but make yourself a .bat file to start pd instead of typing all
stuff into the command window:
> open a new text file in windows notepad, type in all your paths, flags, lib
locations sth like:
> c:\pd\bin\pd.exe -nomidin -nomidiout -font 10 -blablabla -path
c:\thepathtofiles (if needed, this should be in the externals readme you want
to load) -lib
> save it (*.txt), close it and simply rename to .bat instead of .txt. now
either double-click or load from a command prompt.

You are probably having trouble starting PD from the DOS shell because 
it is in a funny place like C:\Program Files or something like that with 
a space in it. You will need to type the full path name to PD, and as 
IOhannes suggested, avoid directories with spaces because "C:\Program 
Files" actually must be typed as "C:\Program\ Files" to be read 
properly, or else DOS thinks that the path is "C:\Program" and that 
"Files" is a command or some additional info... Better to move your 
whole PD directory tree directly to "C:\". Trust me, it will be easier 
that way.

I could go on, but a good resource for PD on windows for the 
wet-behind-the-ears newbie is here:


This should explain path names and .bat files very clearly. Why isn't 
this info part of the Friendly Manual [TM], anyway? ;-)

good luck,

doniguan at stny.rr.com
> Is the pdrc file something only found in the enhanced version of pd? I
installed version .37 from an installer, i dont think i have the enhanced

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