[PD] Bidirectional netsend/netreceive

Alan Hudson giles at yumetech.com
Fri Mar 19 04:03:40 CET 2004

Is it possible to get a netsend/receive combination going on the same 
socket?  I'm trying to access pd from a java applet.  An applet cannot 
listen on a socket, so I'm trying to read and write to the socket 
acquired from netreceive.

The docs for netsend show it using the connect localhost and then 
netsend.  I tried connecting a netreceive to a netsend hoping that would 
reuse the connection, but I get a no connection error message.  Does any 
one know if what I'm trying to do is possible?
Alan Hudson
President: Yumetech, Inc.                      http://www.yumetech.com/
Web3D Open Source Chair        http://www.web3d.org/TaskGroups/source/

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