[PD] Re: Mac OS X installer for Pd - question

Adam Lindsay atl at comp.lancs.ac.uk
Fri Mar 19 11:28:11 CET 2004

David Collett said this at Fri, 19 Mar 2004 02:21:31 -0800:

>Hi, Alan.

Hi David. It's Adam, actually, but I get that a lot.

>I just read the April 2004 edition of Electronic Musician magazine. On  
>p. 76 is an article about Pd. Your name is listed as the author of the  
>OS X installer for Pd.

Huh. I didn't realise that. Thanks for the heads-up. I need to update
that web page now, then!

Basically, my installer is old, but it still works. Hans-Christoph
Steiner has since done more ambitious, up-to-date installer work that's
available here:
(access might be limited now due to DNS problems...)

Pd folks, looks like we'll have a bunch of newcomers (I answered a
similar question last night). I'll update my webpage to point to H-C's
work, but with pure-data.org still having DNS problems, I don't know
exactly where to send people!


>I downloaded the installer (v0.36 extended) and installed it.
>In your ReadMe file, you mention the site:
>I went there and saw that the latest version is 0.37
>There is a link to:
>with 3 files on it. Do any or all of these work for OS X?
>Should I download them, or should I stay with v0.36 from your .Mac site?
>Thanks for creating this OS X installer, and thanks for your help!

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