[PD] New PDP/PiDiP for OSX

Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Sat Mar 20 02:02:07 CET 2004


here is the release of a new packaged version of PDP/PiDiP for OSX,
in binary format, with all the requested library included
( much more easy to install ) :


for the installation process, read the installations notes :


it contains some novelties :

* added a video camera capture object : pdp_ieee1394,
which should be used instead of pdp_v4l on linux.
it has been inspired by pix_videoDarwin, gracias...

* added streaming capabilities ( ffmpeg )
but it will only work with this version of ffmpeg :
which is a stable version we use.

i'd like to thank all of those who tried to put pdp to work on OSX
in its earlier versions, now, it will seem like a child's play for them.

and, a special thx to Eduardo Imasaka, who lent me his gear
for doing this.
( it has been compiled on a G3 700mhz, darwin 10.3 )


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