[PD] gentoo powermacG4 (agp) configs

nmp||| nomeparece at gmx.net
Fri Mar 19 21:45:19 CET 2004

a bit OT thought but since i just read few postings of gentoo users 
and im trying to get it up&running on a G4 from the school, i will 
like to know if someone Pd running on a similar ppc machine ATi Rage 
128 pro AGP... i havent been able to run X...trying 2.6 kernels...no 
Xeasyconfig at all working here....right now im emerging 
/usr/portage/x11-base/xfree/xfree- hoping it 
manages to handle the board...

thnkx for any i/o

looking fwd to GEM..

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