[PD] error: .x8a96420: no such object

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Sat Mar 20 16:06:52 CET 2004

hi again Tim,

there is a limit of 20000 bytes that can be transferred up to the
gui ``at once''.  If exceeded, the gui chokes.  During closing of
a window, the sequence is:

1. send ".x%x.c delete all\n" to the gui (%x takes the glist's

2. do some clean-up

3. send "destroy .x%x\n" to the gui

If there is some bulk data sent up in the intermediate stage (2),
possibly through a tot, then there will be a possibility of
loosing the command "destroy" -- particularly so, when using
threaded transfer, which tends to glue data into larger `bursts'.

No proof, however, that this is actually the case...  If it is,
then, perhaps, spreading tot's activity more evenly in time will
help?  Or, somehow filtering the data stream?


Tim Blechmann wrote:
>>>usually i happens while closing a patch ... well, the patch doesn't
>>>close properly, all objects vanish, but the window doesn't close...

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