[PD] float definition

glouni boulba gloun at caramail.com
Sun Mar 21 04:59:03 CET 2004

what about tabread4- and tabread4-? 

i ve troubles when i fill an array with long samples (more than 30 sec) 

when i play it i get a decent sound for 30second. after the sound sounds more & more like a bad clocked digital 
device (that specific bell sound ...) . it is not dependant of the time but of the table : if i put an offset , and 
start to play say at 10second in the file , the sound get bad immedatly (i mean it's not a vector or vector size 
problems, sfplay works perfectly...) 

it seems to be a problem of float definition  
to feed a tabread , we need a signal with high value so the problem seems to appear when value get bgger
when float rounding due to quantification go beyond unity .

do you know a way to avoid this ?

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