[PD] Re: multiple fluid~'s sharing large soundfonts

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sun Mar 21 12:30:55 CET 2004

Hallo Larry,
Larry Troxler hat gesagt: // Larry Troxler wrote:

> The problem I  had with fluid~ was this: I wanted to load a large piano 
> soundfont, but be able to process different voices (piano tones) seperately. 
> For example, I might want to apply a filter envelope to each piano tone 
> seperately.
> Then I thought of using multiple fluid~ objects, with incoming notes routed to 
> different fluid~'s using some algorithm to split up the voices. However, 
> because of the size of the soundfont I wanted to use, it wouldn't be 
> practical to load a copy of the sounfont in to each of the fluid~'s. 
> So, what I have done is modify fluid~ so that if you send a
> "[ load sounfont.sf2 share (", it uses the fluid API to load a single instance 
> of the sounfont, and then add that one object to all the active fluid~'s. 
> Naturally, this API could be refined, but the concept seems to work so far.
> So, if anyone is interested in this kind of application, I could post the 
> modifactions to fluid/main.cpp. I would do this now, except that it's 
> probable that nobody but me has an application for this feature, and also 
> because I'd want to hear ideas about the PD client interface - certainly it 
> would be nicer to have something better than a message that blindly adds a 
> sounfont to all of the active fluid~'s - but maybe this is fine after all.

I am *very* interested in this, because I tend to do things similar to
your use case, which also would profit from shared soundfont-memory.

I have another idea in regard to the API. Would it be apt, to make the
sharing explicit in a second creation argument to fluid. I'm thinking
of the way, that the "pool" external make a shared data space that is
named by creation argument or changed through a "set somepool"

A similar case would be the table family like [tabread tablename]
which get the name of a shared array as creation arg, or with "set".

This would look so, that [fluid~ /soundfonts/nskit.sf2 DRUMS] will
share its data with another [fluid~ /soundfonts/nskit.sf2 DRUMS]
instance, but not with [fluid~ /soundfonts/fluid.sf2 PIANO]

A message "load /soundfonts/tb303.sf2" to the "DRUMS"-tagged fluid~s
will change them all, but not the "PIANO"-tagged. Doing a "set DRUMS"
to the PIANO-fluid~ could set the soundfont of that one to tb303.sf2.

Does this make sense?

 Frank Barknecht                               _ ______footils.org__

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