[PD] [OT] soundfile compression

john saylor js at wave.dnsalias.org
Mon Mar 22 05:28:47 CET 2004


this is not pd specific, but it may have relevance.

let's say i have a .wav file, and i want to make it smaller. this is the
list of options i am aware of:

1. i can reduce the channels to 1 [mono]
2. i can reduce the sample rate from 44100 Hz.
3. i can reduce the bits per sample

in terms of minimizing fidelity loss, i would guess that the list would
go like this [with the least loss leading]:

1. channels
2. rate
3. bits

is this correct?

and what tools would i use to perform these manipulations? sox for all?

if there are other methods to acheive this end, please feel free to
suggest them.


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