[PD] [Gem] knowm bugs

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Mon Mar 22 08:54:46 CET 2004

beau wrote:
> hello,
> In the GEM distribution that I am using one of the known bugs is that
> ----------------------------------------------
> ---------------------------- KNOWN BUGS -----------------------------
> model crashes when nothing is loaded
> ---------------
> POSTED 10/25/02"

my bugs-list says :

model crashes when nothing is loaded
FIXED  01/01/04
POSTED 10/25/02
BUG: if rendering is started without a model being loaded before,
         pd crashes
ANS: seems to be fixed sime time ago...

note the ANSwer section which mentions fixing.

 > Concidering that I don't want to wait until a newer version is 
release how
 > can I use the program in such it wont crash on me?
it rather: yes you can use the program in such that it will crash on you 
(but you don't have to)

anyhow, make sure you are not using gem-0.87 (non-cvs) this is 
considered buggy. i strongly encourage people to use the cvs version 
until the final release of 0.88(8)


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