[PD] PDa and Familiar

slimboyfatboyslim slimboyfatboyslim at slimboyfatboyslim.org
Mon Mar 22 12:56:16 CET 2004


I've a question about installing PD in a iPaq H3600, may be it's not 
quite relevant to the list but I'm desperate to solve the problem.

I've installed GPE on Ipaq h3600 (no extra CF memory) I've got 16 mb 
internal flash memory and 15.8 mb used

wanna install 1.9mb PD from ftp://xdv.org/pub/gige/iPaq/PDa_armbin.tgz, 
not enough space

anyone experience in uninstall games or other useless app to free 
memory space or other method to solve the problem?

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