[PD] iemlib Release 1.15

Thomas Musil musil at iem.at
Mon Mar 22 16:25:28 CET 2004


sorry, I forgot more than half of the objects in iemabs
(there were only abstractions beginning with a to h)
in the linux version.
Please download it again.

ad.) prepend or pp conflict:
It depends on your decision, which path is first (-path ..../iemabs),
or which library is first (-lib iemlib2   or    -lib cyclone).
You can also use iem_prepend instead of prepend and pp (and remove prepend.pd and pp.pd),
they are all abstractions with the same functionality
(because of compatibility of my patches) and they use the object
iem_prepend_kernel from iemlib2.dll or iemlib2.pd_linux,
but then you have to edit some other abstractions and help-files
(replace pp and prepend with iem_prepend).

Thomas Musil

Ben Saylor wrote:
> Hi,
> Some things seem to be missing from iemlib_R1.15_lin.tgz - the lp*
> abstractions, vcf*, and pink~, for example.

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