[PD] iemlib Release 1.15

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon Mar 22 16:49:58 CET 2004

Thomas Musil hat gesagt: // Thomas Musil wrote:

> ad.) prepend or pp conflict:
> It depends on your decision, which path is first (-path ..../iemabs),
> or which library is first (-lib iemlib2   or    -lib cyclone).

I prefer cyclone-prepend, because the prefix is "set"-able, which I
depend on in some patches. 

I regard to this, it could be useful to extract those externals, that
don't do much code sharing, out of the libraries and make them stand
alone. Then one could simple move them out of the way in case of

And another question: did you consider putting iemlib into the
pure-data CVS? 

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