[PD] flext drugs and rock and roll.....

chris tyrrell shaper_mechanist at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Mar 22 21:45:20 CET 2004

 --- Spandex <spandex at nildram.co.uk> wrote: > 
> ct> me again (how tedious).......
> ct> anyway, so the configure-pd-bcc.txt has been
> editd
> ct> like so:
> Wot u looking to compile? I got BCC workin on
> windows and could
> compile stuff for you if needed? Also, if you have
> something like
> Messenger, I'd be happy to spend 15 mins going thru
> it online with you
> to locate the problem?
> I'm no guru myself.. but I *did* get it working so I
> guess that
> qualifies me slightly :)
> Regards,
> Matt

well it's nice of you to offer but to a certain extent
i dont want to make things too easy for myself....that
said i may not have the borland compiler properly
setup....is there anything i really should no about
the bcc? (other than it's lack of mutithreading)...


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