[PD] GridFlow 0.7.6

Mathieu Bouchard matju at sympatico.ca
Tue Mar 23 03:24:41 CET 2004

Here is a new release of GridFlow, a multi-dimensional dataflow processing
library for PureData, Ruby and jMax, designed for interactive arts.


If you have any questions and/or want to talk, there is the #dataflow
chatroom on IRC.FreeNode.Net, where Pd/jMax/MAX-like software is on-topic.

If you have any trouble installing GridFlow (or have any questions),
please send me an email about it, or see me on IRC.

/* $Id: ChangeLog,v 1.86 2004/03/23 01:41:35 matju Exp $ */

version 0.7.6 (2004.03.22):

 * GridFlow runs on MacOS 10.2 (only with jMax 2.5)
 * [@out quartz] makes a native MacOS (Cocoa+Quartz) window
	(warning: very buggy)
 * support for Apple QuickTime movie decoding (format/quicktimeapple.c)
 * file suffix detector is now extensible
 * added: Ruby interface for libUSB (base/usb.c)
 * x11: now emits "keypress" and "keyrelease" messages
 * [@downscale_by] now supports 4 channels (therefore [peephole] does too)
 * fixed bugs in: x11, @draw_image, @import, @export, ...
 * "open x11" now allows any DISPLAY spec
 * now includes the pictures used in the examples
     (not a separate download anymore)
 * [@out x11 here override_redirect]
	(override window manager; be careful with this)
 * [pd_netsocket] does like netsend/netreceive] but two-way
   (warning: not complete yet)
 * support for nested lists in incoming messages
 * new object classes:
   [delcom_usb]: support for Delcom USB I/O controller
   [joystick_port]: support for linux joystick drivers
   [foreach], [rubysprintf], [listflatten]
   [messageprepend], [messageappend], [@transpose]
   [@fade], [@centroid]
   jMax emulation: [listmake], [listlength], [listelement], [listsublist]
   jMax emulation: [listprepend], [listappend], [listreverse], [oneshot]
   jMax emulation: [inv+], [inv*]
   [messageprepend], [messageappend], [@transpose]
 * Pd main window:
	adding GridFlow menu;
	Ruby/Tcl evaluators (with command-history)
 * added bin/jmax2pd (converts .jmax files to .pd files)
 * ported all .jmax examples to .pd (using jmax2pd) (20 out of 20)
 * support for variable number of inlets/outlets (only with PureData)

the previous version was released on 2002.09.28 and was numbered 0.7.5.

Mathieu Bouchard                       http://artengine.ca/matju

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