[PD] Re: custom GEOS

florian grassl souterrain at web.de
Tue Mar 23 09:35:50 CET 2004

>Subject: [PD] [GEM] Custom GEO's


    I am trying to design custom Geo's for use in GEM using the Wings3d
project software.  Does anybody out there have experience doing this?  How
should I save the objects, i.e. what format, and then how do I get them into
gem for use as geos?




save the geos as .obj (the alias/wavefront maya format) files (they come with a .mtl material file) and use a model loader [model] in GEM. works fine with me. depending on your machienes specs the complexity of the model might be limited. i found some weird scaling issues with wings3d and gem. the workspace in wings3d tends to make fairly small scale objects. anyway you can enlarge them later on in gem.
greetings, flo

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