[PD] atan2

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Tue Mar 23 10:41:44 CET 2004

hi marius,

the internal [atan2] just takes its inputs as "x y" (or you can
read them "real imaginary") -- a bit more naturally, perhaps, than
the C function, which is atan2(y, x).

Btw, there is a, `weird' as would IOhanness say, compatibility
issue here too, bacause in max, [atan2] takes inputs as "y x".
Same for sickles/atan2~... having Atan2 in hammer would clarify
this incompatibility (although people tend to use cartopol rather
than atan2?).


marius schebella wrote:
> I assume this is a known bug (or is it a feature), that the atan2-object
> takes its arguments twisted. like [3 2( --> [atan2] is not the same as [expr
> atan2(3,2)].
> what lovely source of error...

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