[PD] iemlib Release 1.15

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Tue Mar 23 14:34:34 CET 2004

On Monday, Mar 22, 2004, at 10:49 America/New_York, Frank Barknecht 

> Hallo,
> Thomas Musil hat gesagt: // Thomas Musil wrote:
>> ad.) prepend or pp conflict:
>> It depends on your decision, which path is first (-path ..../iemabs),
>> or which library is first (-lib iemlib2   or    -lib cyclone).

This doesn't work when [prepend] is an individual object and iemlib2 is 
a library, since objects are loaded from libs before they are from 
individual files.  So I don't ever use iemlib2 because I depend on 
cyclone's [prepend], which in the installers is compiled as an 
individual file.  I would like to be able to use iemlib2...

> I prefer cyclone-prepend, because the prefix is "set"-able, which I
> depend on in some patches.

I second that.

> I regard to this, it could be useful to extract those externals, that
> don't do much code sharing, out of the libraries and make them stand
> alone. Then one could simple move them out of the way in case of
> conflict.
> And another question: did you consider putting iemlib into the
> pure-data CVS?

These two things would make it possible to manage the object name 
conflicts easily as well as include the iemlib objects in the 
installers.  It would make my day if iemlib was maintained in the CVS.


> ciao
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