[PD] Good PD programming practice?

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Tue Mar 23 18:17:42 CET 2004

Thomas Grill hat gesagt: // Thomas Grill wrote:

> Well, i have done a number of projects using VASP lately and i have come to
> the conclusion that the patcher-oriented programming is rather a pain for
> these kind of things. In fact, the next generation of VASP will be a C++
> library alternatively steered by scripting (Python or Ruby) and external
> objects.

I agree, that patcher can be a PITA, and especially a pain in the
mouse controlling hand. Still building a GUI is generally easier to do
in Pd than in a programming language, and it especially is so for
users who don't know traditional programming languages in the first

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