[PD] getting netsend and netreceive to work

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Tue Mar 23 18:54:09 CET 2004

Hi Mark

I'm doing a similar thing at the moment (osx and win98, both pd-0.37,
connected over internet). And it worked quite well after doing some settings
in the router (port-forwarding). Am I right that your computers are
connected in a LAN? As far as i know, winXP has a built-in software
firewall. Maybe it helps to change some settings (opening the port you're
using). try both ways, netsend from XP and netsend from OSX.


> I can get netsend and netreceive to work on the same machine using
> localhost. But when using it to connect two machines running Pd 0.36 in
> and XP I haven't been having any joy in getting this to work.  What else
> I have to specify before the port number. Must be missing out on something
> obvious if somebody can put me out of my misery.
> Mark

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