[PD] how do you use biquad~ ?

Jer Welter mrjester at fledge.watson.org
Wed Mar 24 15:40:30 CET 2004

> > I made a patch which uses the RBJ cookbook to calculate LPF coefficients
> > for biquad~ in MSP, which is below.  Don't have the time right now to make
> > a PD version, but cyclone should mostly load it.
> not out of the box...  After import, the adjustments needed are

well, I did say *mostly*....  knew about most of the gotchas you
mentioned, except...

> 3. replace each of the three [/~ 1] with [/~]

why?  does adding the argument in PD make it incapable of receiving new
ones or something?  Ah- nevermind, I checked the sigbinops help, and it
types the inlet.  Ok.....

> forgot to add:  the biquad~ in Pd cannot be signal-controlled...
> besides, the list should start from feedback coefs, while msp
> takes them the other way around.

ah, interesting.  Did not know that last bit about the order...  (Like I
said, no time to do it in PD myself right now).  Good to know...


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