[PD] Anyone running PD on VIA processors?

juto aviten periclite at free.fr
Tue Mar 23 18:18:52 CET 2004

Hello Sean,
We used some mini-ITX VIA mother board : you could here some audio
stream here : http://apo33.org/radio/
It uses a proc of 1Ghz 512Mo, it works quite well under linux mandrake
and we use PD on this streams... So you couldn't run patch asking a lot
of cpu but you could work at the end! Also on the last generation of
mini-ITX you don't have anymore this problem of cache size, Epia
resolved it. In the other way the onboard sound card works but it's
better to put a pci or usb card (like we used some sound blaster live or
M-audio quattro), sound quality will be better!!
you could find also some of our home computer with this motherboard :

Also to save some cpu under linux, we use PWM which is an X desktop
really light!
the nano one's is not available at the moment, maybe soon...



>Has anyone here tried running Pure Data on the VIA processors, as found on
>the Mini-ITX or Nano-ITX motherboards? The size of these motherboards is
>very appealing (the Nano-ITX is only 12x12 cm), but I have read some pretty
>underwhelming reports of performance on these processors.
>Not sure how Linux support stands, and I am also not sure if there are ALSA
>drivers for the built-in soundchips. It would also remain to be seen if the
>small cache size is a problem - it seems like cache size is critical to
>performance with MAX/MSP.
>Anyway, if anyone has tried PD on a VIA system, it would be interesting to
>hear your results. An x86 computer that fits in a large stompbox would be
>pretty cool. Even if the performance isn't stellar, it might be useable as a
>programmable effects unit that far surpasses any commercial unit in a
>similar price range, but with more durability than your average laptop.
>Sean Costello

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