[PD] multislider & sinusoids~

Andy Schmeder andy at a2hd.com
Wed Mar 24 21:43:36 CET 2004

<quote who="juto aviten">

sinusoids~ is an object created at CNMAT which is an efficient bank of
oscillators. it is designed especially to work with sinusoidal track data
from an SDIF file for time-independent resynthesis, however works equally
with ad-hoc list control. its cousin is resonators~, a bank of two-pole
resonant filters for simulating instruments, etc, also used with SDIF,

More info at http://cnmat.cnmat.berkeley.edu/MAX/. There is source code
for sinusoids~ and resonators~ in open sound world (osw.sourceforge.net),
which may be available if anyone is interested (check the license, though
- its not GPL).

As for multislider, its basically like drawing in a graph and then getting
the results in a list each, continuously or all-at-once each time you
release the mouse.

 Andrew (Andy) W. Schmeder
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