[PD] [OT] Help Building a Linux Laptop

thewade pdman at aproximation.org
Wed Mar 24 23:30:24 CET 2004

Hello list,

I have a few questions to ask: Im building and pricing my dream machine.(yay!)

Does linux/Gem hardware acceleration work best with an ATI or Nvida cards?

Has anyone heard of using a pcmcia firewire expansion card (adds more firewire ports) to use multiple streams of video on one machine in Gem/PDP?
I ask this question because some machines only have one pcmcia slot, and I have a hammerfall cardbus that needs that slot. If I cant do the firewire idea (and the 64bit AMD\'s should be able to handle the load) then I hont hold out for the two slots...

Is there anyone out there that has used either an AMD 64bit laptop or desktop in conjunction with linux (and pd), that would have any comments about it, good or bad?

Sorry for the OT post, but I figure that you all are the real source of this information, thoes who use. And sence the hardware is frequently just as important as the software...


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