[PD] [OT] Help Building a Linux Laptop

zmoelnig at iem.at zmoelnig at iem.at
Thu Mar 25 08:57:21 CET 2004

Zitiere thewade <pdman at aproximation.org>:

> Hello list,


so you finally made Gem work ? great

> I have a few questions to ask: Im building and pricing my dream
> machine.(yay!)
> Does linux/Gem hardware acceleration work best with an ATI or Nvida
> cards?

i have very good experiences with nvidia, however, the licensing issue still
i have no modern ATI-card (the one in my laptop does not count as it is crap),
but i guess radeon won't be that worse.
however, i think dual-screen hw-acceleration migt be only supported by nvidia's
drivers. (has been discussed earlier on one of these lists)

> Has anyone heard of using a pcmcia firewire expansion card (adds more
> firewire ports) to use multiple streams of video on one machine in
> Gem/PDP?

while there is support for firewire in Gem i have never tried to use multiple
devices. i'm not sure whether this is yet possible (but hold, i could go and
give it a try on my desktop with at least 2 cams)

> Is there anyone out there that has used either an AMD 64bit laptop or
> desktop in conjunction with linux (and pd), that would have any comments
> about it, good or bad?

the problem is, that pd (and Gem) will not benefit directly from 64bit (yet).
however, since the amd64 is also a full-featured 32bit processor you won't have
any drawbacks.

and of course, yo are invited to optimize both pd and Gem for 64bit ;-)

> Sorry for the OT post, but I figure that you all are the real source of
btw, there is a pd-ot list ...


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